Fuck it Here it is. Vol. 1

by Here's to Nathan

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released 23 July 2012



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Track Name: Preach that Shit
I'm wound up like a cassette tape. The first album I got in third grade. I'm older now but still afraid. So I gave it a listen today, and it brought me back to when I felt all alone. Cancelling out the world through my headphones. I hoped against hope but wound up hopeless instead, and so I said Preach that shit cause you're with me, and I'm listening. I'm locked up like a motel safe. Mind numbing blank stare on my face. You probably worry when I get this way, so I gave you a listen today, and you brought me back to what I knew all along. A life beyond misery and punk rock songs. We played it back until it got stuck in both of our heads, and then I said preach that shit, cause you're with me and I'm listeneing.
Track Name: Poop
We're all listening for a brand new Jesus, but we got the radio up to loud. We're all climbing towers so they can see us, but we're too scared to look down, and we're dancing to the same old tunes, and we're fucking anything that moves. We're marching towards the border of the new world order and I can't take no more wish I was back in my back yard. Where all I ever needed was a beer and this guitar. Lend me your ears, I'll sing you a song, cause I ain't go no place to go, so you know I won't go far. We're all waiting for change to happen, but it's not on a ballot or podium. We all know just where we're going, but we forgot where we came from, and we're dancing to the same old tunes, says the end is coming soon.
Track Name: Tightrope
I've been a fucking mess for days, but I'm still perfect in some strange ways. I'm not who I'm supposed to be. Fuck your conformity. I'm another piece of the puzzle in this sea, and I'm trying so hard to shake the dust off my easy street dreams. My brain shakes from what I've been told, and if the devil wants to know when i'm ready to go she'll have to travel this same dirt road.
Track Name: Urine America
Sleep well. Do you sleep at all. Days of useless nonstop unrest have left the message on it's knees, begging a skyscraper for some change, whoo! Some people are just destined addicts, who make traffic traffic. They don't reclaim they only call out your name. We're drinking wise with no thrill of rights. You're never gonna make it out alive, Spread out and lose your fear of being wrong, you know what you know, know what you know, know what you know, know what you know. I could have sworn that zombies didn't care too much for bones. Your never gonna make it, never gonna make it, never gonna make it, never gonna make it, Urine America. I promise you this. The pressure will bury you alive and I promise you this. It's to dangerous to dream and I promise you, just like the sharpest blade, like punk like occupier you're gonna dull out eventually.
Track Name: Taco Daze
As I lay me down to rest. I'm begging for a sign that I can't help but second guess. Deliver me from emptiness, and all the sins I can't confess delivered from my trespasses. Oh bother, oh brother oh father, oh motherfucker, I'm banging on the temple walls, hoping you'll return my calls your shepherds are sleeping your prophets receding. I'm begging that you'll see this sign middle fingers towards the sky. When I was a child I spake only when spaken to and, now that I've become a man tell me how have I forsaken you and.
Track Name: Drunk Diver
Is it any wonder why you never stop flirtin with those hospital gowns. I'm thinking ladies ladies, ladies, bottles to the groujnd. Our gujitars aren't as loud when they're broken like these hearts. I don't know where this stops but I know where this all starts. You better find another way. Another way to be saved becasue this is the deep end. Drunk diver. You're a little too late and I'm a hopeless twist of fate I'm thinking maybe, maybe, maybe, It's for your own sake. Ive told you this before and now you're making it twice as hard to know that you're at a dead end right from the start, Right from the very fucking start you're fucked.